Choosing the right color for your sofa that fits with the background of the living area or the studio or wherever you want to fit it into. But confused about which color is the best to choose?

Well, Choosing the right sofa color is very important otherwise it will spoil your living room look.

The color combination between things like rugs, curtains, and all the things that are around the sofa should be perfect then only it will able to give a great representation of your style.

Some people found this work a little hectic but after reading this you will be able to get the perfect ideas of what color of sofa you should choose according to your style. So here is the list of best colors of sofa that will give the best and beautiful look to your living area.

These colors are all-rounder colors, which means they fit in all case scenarios. Also, check out our sofas recommendation for kids fold out couch and Simmons sofas reviews here.

Most Popular Sofa Color 2020

After reviewing the buying trend of the users, It is found that the GRAY color is the most popular sofa color of 2020. There is a large number of buyers who purchased the GRAY color sofa instead of any other color.

In the second number, there is a Plastic blue color and in the third number, there is a Sage color.


Colors have their own science and we have to choose them wisely so that our sofa looks nicely to our eyes. Even I have that two brown color sofas for my living room and one for my guest room. These colors fit perfectly in all cases.

Below are the top 10 highly suggested colors for sofas or couch. You can check out them. But, if you have some low budget, then I recommended you to sofas and couch covers instead of buying a new one.

They are quite cheap and also they have large variety of colors available in the market.

  1. White: this color is ageless and unfailing it never fades away and also you can easily choose any accessories because it matches all the colors although you have to take care of stains and dirt.
  2. Beige: This is one of the most popular neutral colors among sofas like white it is a great mix and also put this sofa color anywhere and boom it gonna give you the best classy and inviting look everywhere the warmth of this color is incomparable.
  3. Brown: this is one of the most classic colors of all time especially if the user of the sofa is middle age he will going to love this color.
  4. Light grey: this color has gained popularity because of its soothing effect in the atmosphere it matches perfectly with the chalky walls and where all the accessories are not so vibrant.
  5. True grey: this timeless color is the number one choice of all buyers because it gives a classic look and it always looks trendy and stylish. if you choose the proper accessories like rugs, toss pillows, and sheets this color will always give you the modish look.
  6. Green: This color will not give a strong statement like other vibrant colors but yes this color has been a safe choice for so many years for a great no. of buyers. this color will surely give a stunning look although you should be careful while choosing the other accessories.
  7. Watery blue: Choosing a soft, muted, and neutralize colors always work these off colors to help you get out of your comfort zone, and also you can always change the accessories according to your mood and it will result as a great blend.
  8. Subtle/fine pattern: a fine pattern always will be trendy because of its classic style and how it blends with other things in the living area. this color is really versatile.
  9. Leather: this upholstery would be the best choice for you because you don’t need to match other things with leather it individually gives a stunning look and it will not get affected by any other props in the living area or wherever it is kEPT.
  10. Natural linen: although it is not color, this upholstery is as versatile as the color black and it can be mixed up with any shade of wall or anything that is present around the sofa.

These are all the best sofa colors which you can choose to place in your living area, studio or and where else these timeless and never-fading colors always give an absolutely stunning and eye-catching look all the time.


Hope this article might help you to choose the right color for yourself. I recommended you to choose any dark color while playing sofa or sofa cover because, in a dark color, stains and dust aren’t visible very much and you don’t need to wash the sofa or sofa covers frequently.

And, that’s why Grey color is the winner and most of the people purchase Grey color’s sofa or couches.

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