If you are a pet parent then a dog couch covers are much required for you. Using a dog couch cover can easily protect your sofa or couch from dust, mud, scratches, etc, and ensures that your furniture keeps looks like a new one.

Since dogs are the part of the family and it’s your responsibility to take care of your dogs.

We all hate fur that got stuck here and there on the couch. Well, purchasing a couch covers for dogs will solve this problem.

Many people got confused that which couch cover they should need to purchase or you want to upgrade the couch cover and want to purchase the new one for pets, then here we tested more then 50+ couches covers and after that, we select these top 10 best couch covers for dogs lover.

Here we will give a review of each couch cover so that you can easily decide which one suits your couch. Also, check out our recommendations for Best Sofa Material For Dogs where your pet can easily sit back and relax.

Also, If you have a Cat as a pet, then you can check out our recommended article on Best Couch Material For Cats With Claws here.

Using these couch covers will protect your couch from pet-related damages and keeps your couch safe for longer life.

couch covers for dogs

Top 10 Best Couch Covers For Dogs

One of the most terrible problems that our sofa faces is the hairs and stains of pets who are part of our family but still the dirt and the stains of the sofa are not the things to ignore.

So nowadays families having cute pets and kids at home need a solution to protect the furniture of their homes from these naughty creatures.

For this slipcover which protects your furniture from these people is a must.

So here is the list of top 10 slipcovers to protect your lovely furniture from them.

Recommended Recommended
SureFit Deluxe Pet Cover
  • Details:100% Polyester
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3 Seater 3 Seater
Chiara Rose Couch Covers
  • Details:Easy Care & Durable
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2 Seater 2 Seater
Le Benton LoveSeat Cover
  • Details:Beautiful Cover That protects from stains and spills
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2 Seater 2 Seater
CELINE LINEN Reversible Quilted Cover
  • Details: Water repellent finish and Machine washable
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2 Seater 2 Seater
Elegant Comfort Cover
  • Details: Soft as Egyptian Cotton and Brown Leaf Sofa
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Wide Upto 70 Inch Wide Upto 70 Inch
Sofa Shield Original Sofa Protector
  • Details: Chocolate Color Large Sofa protector Best for Dogs
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2 Seater 2 Seater
Bella Kline Reversible Sofa Cover
  • Details: Protects furniture from stains and odors
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70 inches X 90 Inches 70 inches X 90 Inches
Mambe Furniture Cover for Pets
  • Details:100% Waterproof and Machine washable
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3 Seater 3 Seater
Waterproof Sofa Covers
  • Details:100% Waterproof, Thick, fuzzy, well quilted with super microfiber fabric
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72 Inches 72 Inches
Link Shades Deluxe Sofa Protector
  • Details: Water Resistant, VERSATILE USES, EASY CARE & DURABILITY
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couch covers for dogsSurefit has invented the industry of slipcover over a century ago and they have now invented the slipcover which will protect your furniture from pets and kids who draw a new stain every new day.

The perfect fabric and the design for preventing this sofa from dirt and stains are so technical.

The style of the slipcover will make your living area look more astonishing. Here is the product information on the slipcover.

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  • Fabric: the fabric of the slipcover is made of 100% polyester, which is ultra-soft and firm in sitting with a 4 inches quilted cover.
  • Suitable for any kind of upholstery: the other quality of the slipcover is that it is suitable for any kind of upholstery whether it is leather or simple microfiber.
  • Cost-effective: buying a readymade slipcover is a way to protect your furniture at very less cost.
  • Odor-resistant: there’s a special sanitized actifresh coating is done which resists the pet odor and gives a fresh and natural smell to the slipcover.
  • Easy to install: it is a very simple and easy process to install the slipcover you have to just drape the furniture from the slipcover and put the corners under the sats and back cushions.
  • Machine washable: there’s no worry about the cleaning of the slipcover you can use the washing machine and mild detergent powder to clean the slipcover.
  • Color: the color of the slipcover is coffee brown which looks so classy and elegant.
  • Product dimensions: 50 x  76 x 4 inches
  • Product weight: 5.2 pounds

Sure fit is a luxurious, deluxe, and stylish way of protecting your sofa from pet furs and stains.

Also, the amazing sanitized sheet will resist from bad odors and gives a fresh smell all these things based on new techniques of protecting and preventing you from beautiful and lovely furniture from daily wear and tear and it will provide a new life to your comfortable sofa seats.

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couch covers for dogsThis sofa couch cover is designed in a very beautiful way it looks so lovely even when your guests arrive there is no need to remove it out.

Of course, you love your kids and your pets but you love your furniture too so to protect your furniture you need these chairs rose sofa cover with plastic drop design which prevents it from sliding and slipping this is just introduction of qualities that this slipcover possesses let’s read more about it.

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  • Fabric: the slipcover is made of polyester which is extremely soft, warm, and pleasurable seating.
  • Durable: the edges of the slipcover are made with ultrasonic technology which makes is so durable and prevents it from easily tearing from sides or edges.
  • Plastic drop design: the slipcover has plastic drop designs that firmly make a grip with the upholstery and prevent the slipcover from slipping out.
  • No zippers and elastic straps: other slipcovers don’t look so nice because of zippers and straps but this slipcover gives a decent look as there are no such things attached to the slipcover.
  • Color: there are various colors available which you can choose according to your style such as grey, marron blue and so on.
  • Easy installation: as there are no straps and zippers it is very easy to drape the slipcover to the upholstery.
  • Machine washable: you can use a washing machine to clean the slipcover so there’s no need to worry about the cleaning and removing the dirt and stains.
  • Product dimensions: 84 x 68 x 0.1 inches
  • Product weight: 1 pound

The durability you are getting from this inexpensive slipcover is so amazing it is not very easy to find a slipcover which is manufactured with ultrasonic cut technology and also the availability of various beautiful colors and designs make it even more attractive.

It is a great deal with an amazing offer you should grab it.

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couch covers for dogsLoveseats are the most favorite furniture of all members of the family whether it is your father or your kids even your cute pets like to sit on these loveseats because of its comfortable seating on which you can enjoy the view out the window but because of there continuous use they get torn and dirty very easily.

So to solve this problem le Benton loveseat cover protects this seat and makes it look like new or even more amazing. let’s have a read about this slipcover.

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  • Fabric: The fabric of this slipcover is so unique which is made of the mixture of 49% cotton, 48% polet=ster, and 3% spandex to give the best and durable fabric to the slipcover.
  • Stretchable: the slipcover fits almost all sizes of loveseats because of its stretchability and design.
  • Beautiful look: the slipcover has a very beautiful look which makes the loveseat look even prettier and also protect the loveseat from pet furs and stains at the same time.
  • Color: the slipcover is available in light grey color which makes it look so elegant and classy.
  • Machine washable: the slipcover is easy to wash in a machine but you don’t have to use bleach and also wash it separately from other clothes for better results.
  • Easy installation: just drape the slipcover over the loveseat and you are done with the installation process.
  • Easy exchange within 30 days: if you are not satisfied with the quality of the slipcover then you can easily exchange the slipcover withing 30 days.
  • Product dimensions: 11 x 4 x 10 inches
  • Product weight: 2.9 pounds

This loveseat cover is a perfect choice for your loveseat because of its amazing and unique mixture quality of the fabric this softness and durability makes it even more good choice for the furniture.

You can use this slipcover on any kind of upholstery what else do you need to select the perfect slipcover.

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couch covers for dogsCeline linen reversible quilted furniture slipcover is which is reversible.

It means you can drape it on the furniture from any side of the slipcover whether it is from front or back and also the fabric of the slipcover is so comfortable and soft which can easily protect from pet furs and stains.

Here is product information about this slipcover.

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  • Fabric: the fabric is made up of 100% polyester which is extremely soft and comfortable and will not be torn away easily.
  • Reversible: the slipcover is reversible and you can use any of it side to drape the furniture.
  • Stay in place: this slipcover is longer on the backside or on the edge side which makes it stay in place and doesn’t slide away.
  • Water repellent: the quality of water repellent makes it easier to protect the furniture from water droplets.
  • Soil resistant: the soil resistant capacity is very good and it is very easy to clean the sand from the slipcover.
  • Easy installation and machine washable: the slipcover is very easy to install you have to just drape the slipcover over the furniture and also it can be cleaned by using a washing machine with the use of warm water and mild detergent powder.
  • Printed design: there is beautiful leaf print design on the slipcover which makes it look so lovely and it will give a very pretty look to the living area.
  • Color: the color of the slipcover is chocolate brown.
  • Warning: you should keep in mind that this slipcover is not recommended for leather upholstery.
  • Product dimensions: 12.8 x 11 x 5.5 inches
  • Product weight: 2.49 pounds

The beautiful printed design and reversible quality of the slipcover is a perfect combination for any furniture the spoil resistant capacity will help to protect your furniture from the soil and sand from your garden and the beach all the qualities of slipcover will help you in different ways to protect your favorite furniture you’ll never regret after buying this slipcover.

This couch cover has some drawbacks also if you have a leather couch then this one is not recommended for you.

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couch covers for dogsAn animal lover has to face so many problems sometimes because of their cute little beats at home it doesn’t matter how much you love your pets but the furniture you are owing is also the part of your home and you can’t leave it dirty all the time.

Because of your pets so for this solution, elegant comfort quilted reversible slipcover do great things for saving your furniture from those naughty animals it will not just lock the odor but also so many things, let’s have a read on this.

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  • Fabric: the fabric of the slipcover is 100% polyester with the luxurious quilted design which makes it even more soft and cozy.
  • Block pet odor and fur: the slipcover is made in such a way that it can block the pet odor and also their furs which just spread all over the sofa or the seat but now you can stop this.
  • Reversible: the slipcover is reversible which makes it useful from both the sides of the slipcover whether it is from the front or the backside.
  • Different design: The slipcover is available in different beautiful designs including the simple block print or beautiful natural leaf print, they all look so lovely and pleasurable to eyes.
  • Color: there is also the availability of different colors like grey, red, blue, green, or even more so that someone can choose the color according to individual choice.
  • Doesn’t slip away: the slipcover is longer on the edge side so this makes it not slipway easily you can tuck the edge between the cushions and the seats.
  • Easy installation: there is no need to worry about its installation what you have to do is just drape the slipcover over the furniture.
  • Machine washable: if you need to wash the slipcover you can use the washing machine and clean it simply.
  • Product dimensions: 13.4 x 11.6 x 5.3 inches
  • Product weight: 2.89 pounds

From now you don’t need to worry about whether if your furniture is smelling bad because of your cute little pet or neither about their furs because this slipcover will block all these things which come in between your furniture and you.

This slipcover will protect you from all these things and also it is very easy to choose the slipcover according to your style as there is the availability of different designs and colors.

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6. Sofa Shield Original Patent Pending Reversible Large Sofa Protector

couch covers for dogsIts time to update your favorite loveseat which is so close to your heart with this ultra-soft slipcover with patented design and beautiful cushions and protect your loveseat from food, solid stains, and pet furs.

The stretchable fabric and elastic at the end give the perfect fit over the loveseat so here are more details about this slipcover.

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  • Fabric: the fabric of the slipcover is made of 100 percent polyester blend which is soft, comfortable, and lightweight.
  • Mini dot design and two more: there are textured mini dot design all over the slipcover which gives the slipcover beautiful look as well as contours the shape of the furniture there is also the slipcover that has a geometric design and strip design
  • Two-piece construction and elastic corners: the slipcover is based on two-piece construction which removes the problem of tucking and slipping and also the elastic corners help the slipcover to stay at the place.
  •  Separate seat cushions: there are patented separate seat cushions available with the slipcover for a semi-custom look.
  • Color: There is the availability of different colors such as marron, green, cream, etc so that you could find a wide range of choices according to your style.
  • Easy installation and machine washable:  it is very easy to install the slipcover the guidelines are available on the brochure and the slipcover is machine washable too so there is no need to worry about the cleaning of the slipcover.

The availability of different design and colors is just an awesome range of variety in which you can choose the best slipcover which will suit your loveseat and the elastic end make the slipcover to stay in place all these things will surely protect your furniture and give the long life to your loveseat too.

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7. Bella Kline Reversible Sofa Furniture Protector

couch covers for dogsBella Kline Reversible sofa slipcover is a decorative way of protecting your loveseat, sofa, futon, or any kind of furniture you are owing.

This slipcover will surely protect your furniture from water droplets, from dirt and from the mess that is made by your pets and kids.

This slipcover is the perfect gift for your furniture if you have pets and kids at home lets read more about this slipcover.

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  • Fabric: the fabric of the slipcover is made of luxurious quilted faux cotton which is extremely firm and comfortable and gives the coziest vibes while sitting.
  • Reversible: the slipcover is reversible so that you choose any of the sides to drape your furniture and give it a new look.
  • Water- repellent: the slipcover possesses the technique of resisting water droplets so that even if the slipcover will wet your furniture will be safe.
  • Stays in place: the slipcover has elastic corners that keep it in place without slipping away.
  • Color: there is the availability of different colors like green, brown, blue, white, and more.
  • Warning: the slipcover is not suitable for leather upholstery furniture.

The slipcover is easily installable and machine washable too so this slipcover has all the qualities that you need to protect your furniture whether it is a futon, a loveseat or a chaise lounger you just need to drape it and your slipcover is ready to guard your favorite furniture so why to wait for more.

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8. Mambe 100% Waterproof Furniture Cover for Pets

couch covers for dogsThis Mambe slipcover is one of the best slipcovers and holds a number of 8th positions in the list of slipcover for dogs pet.

Because of the quality of the slipcover not only the slipcover is comfortable and gentle but also it made in such a way it doesn’t get tear very easily the design is just astonishing and there are a lot more good qualities in this slipcover let’s have a read here.

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  • Fabric: the fabric of the slipcover is 85 percent of polyester and 15percent of spandex and also it is knitted with jacquard fabric which is soft, luxurious, and rich.
  • Stretchy: the craftmanship of this slipcover is highly stretchy which makes it fit into almost all sizes of furniture whether it is a futon or sofa or any other furniture.
  • Aesthetic look: the slipcover is made of check pattern which makes it look so aesthetic and gives very beautiful decor to your living area and also brings attention to the centerpiece as furniture.
  • Non-slip: the slipcover is sewn with elastic loops at the bottom which don,t make it slip away and also there are foam sticks for keeping the slipcover in place firmly.
  • Color: there is the availability of different colors such as green, blue, and 10 plus for a wider range of choices.
  • Easy care: the slipcover doesn’t get wrinkled after getting clean from even a washing machine too so it provides a wrinkle-free washing.
  • Suitable for all kinds of upholstery:  whether the upholstery is made of leather or the micro-fiber you can use it anyway.

So let’s begin the onset of buying and selecting the best slipcover with an aesthetic look, non-slip design, and the most important thing is it is suitable for all kinds of upholstery so this slipcover will not only give the new look to your furniture but also make its life longer.

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9. Waterproof Sofa Covers for Living Room

couch covers for dogsA Waterproof sofa cover not only protects your furniture, but it also protects your sofa from liquids and keeps your furniture clean and new.

This couch covers also helps you update your décor, change colors, and texture when you like and avoid the costly investment of new furniture. lets read more about this slipcover.

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  • Fabric: the slipcover is 80 percent of polyester and 20 percent of spandex which surely the perfect combination of fabric which gives soft and c0zy sitting.
  • Pattern: the slipcover has a fleece pattern that looks so classy and adorable and makes your sofa looks so elegant.
  • Different sizes: the slipcover is available in different sizes too for different kinds of furniture like a futon, sofa, etc.
  • Color: there are choices of 10+ vibrant colors such as blue, brown, green, white, etc.
  • Non-slip: this slipcover is elastic at the bottom which makes it not to slip away very easily from the furniture
  • Easy to install: this is not a difficult task to drape the slipcover over the furniture and tuck all the ends between the set cushions gap and guidelines are already given in the brochure.
  • Easy care and warranty: the slipcover is washable in the washing machine with the use of warm water and mild detergent powder and there is also a warranty of 6 months after buying the slipcover if you face ain’t trouble.


What Is Couch Covers For Dogs?

If you are one of the Pet owners, then you must know that how irritating it was when pets furs get stuck on the couch.

So, to solve this problem, if you will use couch overs that are made for pets will help you to solve this issue. Also, it ensures that it will protect you from related Allergies and other things.

Typically, these covers will act as a barrier between your sofa and your surrounding. This barrier will help to make your couch clean for a longer time period and also these couches are easily washable, So whenever you feel that its time to wash them, just remove them and put in the washing machine.

Although, most of the couch covers that i mentioned above in the list are reversible and waterproof. So you can use either side of the couch cover.

Our Pickups

In our testing, we found that Sofa Shield Original Patent Pending Reversible Large Sofa Protector is the best sofa protector for pet owners.

Since it has everything. it comes with 70 inches width up and also there are lots of color variations are available so you can purchase the matching one with your living room.

Also, it is a much thicker couch cover.

There is only one drawback is, if you have a leather sofa, then this couch cover is not recommended for you. You can choose any other from the above list.



Although, there are lots of other suggestions that are also available for couch covers for dogs. But all these couch covers that we mentioned above are tested and found great for all types of usage, especially for pet owners.

These are the best options for couch covers. I hope it will help you to choose the right couch cover for yourself.

Also, for more sofas and couch related buying guides and reviews, make sure that you keep visiting SofaBuyingGuides.com


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